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How to?

Instructions on how to use the custom blocks, templates and add or edit page areas. This page is hidden form the public, the sitemap.xml, and all other stuff. You can delete this page whenever you want.

Logo size:
240px by 80px.

Retina set up:
When using the image block if you want to accommodate retina displays.i.e iPad, tick the 'Constrain Image Size' box and make both width and height half actual image size. i.e. 'File Manager' image is 480x 240 so make it 240 x 120.

Edit Mode:
When in 'Edit Mode' a dotted border appears around existing blocks for ease of viewing.

Theme presets (Colours & Typeface):
The package comes with four 'preset' colour schemes, Blue (default), Brown, Green and Yellow. Change a preset when logged in, click 'Gear' icon top left of page. click 'Design'. Under 'Theme' click 'Customize'. Under 'Preset' click 'Expand' and click a colour. Wait for typeface and colours to change, when happy click ‘Save Changes’ at bottom right of page. With pop up dialogue box you can choose whether to save the preset to flow across the whole of the site or just the page you’re editing.

Changing colours and typeface:
Same as above, go to the ‘Customize Theme’ panel and click on which ever typeface or colour box you want to change and modify.

Top background image:
In edit mode click on ‘Full Width’ and click ‘Edit Area Design’. Then click the little picture icon. You can now delete the image, change the image or delete the image or choose background colour or leave blank.

Top semi opaque background and text:
In edit mode click on ‘Column 1’ and click ‘Edit Block’, ‘Delete’ or ‘Design & Custom Template’. To remove, change or add the opaque background click ‘Design & Custom Template’ then click the ‘gear’ icon. You will see under ‘Custom Class’ the word ‘black’. To remove click the ‘x’. To add either a 'black' or 'white' opaque background (with the box empty) type the word ‘black’ or ‘white and click the blue underlined link. Whatever you decide to do always remember to click ‘Save’.

There are three types of forms.
1. In the footer there is the 'newsletter', which is just using the 'email' question.
2. On the contact page is the default form.
3. On the reservation page is a reservation form with a date and time question for customers to fill in. This form has two templates for the date format. One shows 'Day/Month/Year' and the other shows 'Month/Day/Year'. You'll to pick the template that suits your country format. Simply place page in edit mode and click the form block and click ‘Design & Custom Template’, then click the ‘gear icon. Under ‘Custom Template’ click and choose your preferred date format and ‘Save’. Then publish the page.

In all cases the forms will need to edited to send the inputs to your prefered email address plus you'll need to edit the 'Thanks' message. In edit mode click on the form and click ‘Edit Block’, then click the ‘Options’ tab. Edit form name, button text and message to suit your needs. Most important part is to check and add your email address under ‘Notify me by email when people submit this form’.

There are two menu pages, either can be modified and/or deleted. There is a .pdf menu file in the file manager called 'Bistro.pdf' with a view/download link at the top of the menu pages. The file is just a quick mock up for demo purposes, if needed you'll have to produce your own .pdf, upload to the file manager and link to it.

Feature block:
The feature blocks (blocks with an image, title, description and link) already in place can be simply removed or edited. While in edit mode just click the block/blocks and you’ll see what you need to do. To add a feature block click in an area,click ‘Add Block’ and choose from the ‘Bistro’ blocks at the bottom of left side panel or click the ‘+’ icon at top of page, scroll down and drag the ‘Bistro Feature’ block to the area of your choice.

Feature block retina set up:
if you want to accommodate retina displays.i.e iPad, make both width and height half actual image size. i.e. 'File Manager' image is 480x 240 so make it 240 x 120. See images examples below. Retina version showing page link.


Full size

Feature block with full size dimensions 720px by 480px.


Half Size

Half size dimensions 360px by 240px. Link option applied.


Not used in the theme set up but a theme styled search box is available if needed.

Site Navigation:
There are four templates for site navigation. The main nav at top of the site, a vertical nav shown in the footer, below is a 'horizontal' nav and 'breadcrumb' trail. The main nav is NOT directly editable, however links to pages will automatically appear or disappear depending on which pages you want to be visible.

It is advisable NOT to have more than six main links, (as shown) any more will look bad on small screens.

'Horizontal' template.

'Breadcrumb' template.

To set up a 'blockquote' area add a 'content' block with some text in it, like this. Then click again and click 'Design & Custom Template', click the gear icon. Under ‘Custom Class’ type the word ‘blockquote’ and click the 'blue' link that appears and 'Save'.

Further support can asked for through the support page for this package.